Website Changelogs

  1. Fixed deleting images in your channel bug.
  1. Mobile: Fixed search page blacklist/filters button showing brands and blacklist options instead of just blacklist options.
  2. iOS Safari: Restored the ability to long-press/hold on search results to open in new tab.
  1. Updated UI for browse page.
  1. Made various backend and frontend changes to fix the performance problems with community uploaded images.
  1. Re-enabled comments throughout the site. New comments system is much faster.
  1. Added options for 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year premium payment purchases through crypto.

    3 Months: 5% off
    6 Months: 10% off
    9 Months: 15% off
    12 Months: 20% off
  1. Fixed sideway scrolling on the home page for iOS 13 (Catalina) phones and tablets.
  1. When clicking on Randomize button in Randomize page, the browser will now scroll to the top of page.
  1. Re-enabled uploading profile pictures, channel's banner images, and playlist preview thumbnail.
  1. Implemented a test mechanism to load the home page faster.
  2. When you click on the search input, the site will not auto-transition into the search page.
  1. Fixed broken link when browsing for brands: Y.O.U.C and L.
  2. Fixed problem of Android 4.4 and lower devices from being booted back to home page when they try to play videos.
  1. Modified UI of all Channel pages and added Comments, Upvotes, and Downvotes pertinent to each member in their channel pages.
  2. In order to alleviate confusion, search preferences are now only used when in the Search page.
  3. Added another link to our Apps page in the user account dropdown menu.
  1. Fixed playlist items not appearing in video pages for Firefox/Edge users.
  1. Comments in video pages are now sorted by best comments first, instead of most recent, by default.
  2. Removed video playback speed selector for Android devices due to technical reasons.
  1. Altered some internal website logic that will require a forced reload of website data. Also will have download servers down sporatically throughout March 18 and March 27.
  1. Clicking/tapping on the video settings button will now show a bigger menu dialog.
  1. Fixed bug that displays many playlists as private when they are not.

Mobile App Changelogs

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